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Das Ziel

Absolute Beherrschung von Körper und Geist


Kraft und Technik

Lerne deinen Körper zu Beherrschen.

Korean Allstyle Jitsu

Korean Allstyle Jitsu

Korean Allstyle Jitsu is a modern, today’s custom self-defense system that fits together from different martial art styles. More info

Break test

Break test

At break test shows the advanced Allstyle Jitsu students if he has mastered the required technology. In general, pine boards are used 30 times 30 cm. More info



The training depends on whether the prospect brings already in a Budosportart experience and how long he has practiced that. More info


Taekwondo (also Tae-Kwon-Do and Taekwon-Do) is a South Korean martial arts and is available for footwork (tae), hand technique (Kwon) and The Art or the way (Do). Taekwondo

Hanbo Jitsu

In Japan, the Hanbo Koryu as a weapon is known. There are training in the Kukishin Ryu and Hontai Yoshin-Ryu. Particularly well known here is the Kukishin Ryu. Hanbo Jitsu


There are many different ways to run the Tonfa. In the largest leads he was with his fist around the handle, thus protecting the forearm wood forearm.